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Star Birth Booster Box (スターバース) [S9]

Star Birth Booster Box (スターバース) [S9]

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"You won't need to wish on a star with the latest Pokémon TCG expansion introducing a shining new gameplay mechanic, brilliantly beautiful cards, and Pokémon with star power."

Sealed booster box of the Japanese exclusive Star Birth (S9) (スターバース) set of the Pokemon TCG, counterpart to the English set Brilliant Stars.

Star Birth boosters contain 5 random cards. Booster Boxes include 30 booster packs at a discounted rate! Buying a booster box is the best way to complete a set, hunt for chase cards, and enjoy cracking packs!

The full set contains 127 cards! Curious what cards are in this set? Check out PokeBeach's feature here!

All cards and packaging on this product are in Japanese, not English. 

For backorders, please read the backorder FAQ! 

For boxes without shrink wrap, please read the Shrink Wrap vs. Unshrinked FAQ!

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