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Moxie Card Shop's Japanese Import Program and Partnerships

Shrink Wrap vs. No Shrink Wrap

Moxie Card Shop and our partner shops in Japan work together to offer the best booster boxes from the Japanese Pokemon TCG at extremely discounted rates: without shrink wrap!

But there's more to it than that!

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Why is the shrink wrap removed?

When trading cards such as Pokemon are sold in Japan, it is a common practice to remove the shrink wrap on the box. These boxes are the same as a shrink-wrapped box, have the same cards and booster packs, but lack that original plastic seal. 

The prices are great! Where can I buy unshrinked boxes?

Booster boxes without shrink wrap should NOT be purchased from unknown vendors.

A box without shrink wrap may be easier to tamper with, despite many booster boxes being constructed to prevent opening and re-closing using an intelligent folding box and a cardboard tear-strip that cannot be replaced.

Resealing and repacking are common for Japanese trading cards, and you should generally avoid purchasing booster boxes, shrink wrapped or not, from an unknown or untrusted source. 

Our goal is to be your trusted card shop!

What is your verification process?

We have a detailed process that reduces these risks and guarantees the fidelity of our imported trading card products.

Working closely with our partner card shops in Japan, all unshrinked boxes that come into our inventory go through a process of checks before they're ever shipped to us in the United States. 

1. Any person bringing in an unshrinked box must register their personal information with the shop and provide their I.D. to be scanned for record keeping.

2. Serial numbers of each box are registered and tracked. 

3. We keep track of when the box was purchased and had its shrink wrap removed compared to when it was brought into our shop by checking and collecting the purchase receipt. Our goal is to maintain an inventory of boxes that were secured within 1 hour of the shrink wrap being removed, making the sort of tampering that could go unnoticed much more difficult.

4. Finally, all boxes go through the standard checks of verifying their legitimacy at both our partner Japanese shops and at our shop in the US; such as testing the cardboard tear-strip, looking for any bends or folds indicated a box had been opened, as well as checking the weight and feel of the contents of the box.

What is your Guarantee of Legitimacy?

Unshrinked boxes bought from Moxie Card Shop are guaranteed to be legitimate booster boxes that have not been tampered with or altered. 

Moxie and our Japanese partners offer the guarantee of a full refund on any box found to have been tampered with through repacking the original contents. 

Because tampering can go both ways, if you are concerned about the concept of an unshrinked box and would like to secure our full-refund guarantee, please do NOT open your package from Moxie Card Shop containing unshrinked boxes until you are ready to open the box for verification. When opening your mail and booster box, please record the process on video so that we are able to verify the issue.

In addition to a recording of any issues with tampering, please document the serial number of the product in question. 

Our full refund guarantee policy is still a work in progress, and will be updated in the future to streamline the process.

Finally, contact with any questions or concerns regarding shrinked vs. unshrinked boxes and Japanese imports in general.

What are Backorders?

Backorders let you reserve imported products before they arrive at our shop in the US. To learn more, read the backorders FAQ.

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