About us

Moxie Card Shop is a small store driven by the love of Trading Card Games. Our focus is on the communities of Pokemon, Magic, and One Piece. Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop for English and Japanese cards!

Welcome to Moxie Card Shop's online storefront! 

We are focused on a healthy, friendly hobby community for players, collectors, and hobby store workers.

Moxie Card Shop is an Iowa based, U.S. Veteran-owned game store!

Hello! This is Ash, the owner of Moxie Card Shop. I've been a TCG player all of my life, worked in my local game store for nearly 6 years, and after returning home from overseas I wanted to create a local game store that was all for the community! Thank you for supporting our business and sharing our love of the hobby!

We love Trading Card Games!

The COVID pandemic created a hostile environment for trading card enthusiasts through scalping, difficult working conditions, and the closure of most in-person play environments.

A major motivation for opening Moxie's online store was to give players another avenue to access cards and supplies in a sustainable way and at a reasonable price. Moxie will never scalp or price-gouge our customers, and we intentionally keep our margins low always. Items are listed based on their cost to us, and we do not raise prices with market fluctuations while the item is still in stock. 

This is a worldwide community

Moxie is committed to providing hobbyists with hard to find collectible products including foreign printed exclusives. That is why Moxie is proud to provide you with hard to find items such as Japanese Pokemon boosters and promos!

Even if you are able to translate websites and find sites that will ship products to the US from abroad, it can be expensive or take weeks for your shipment to arrive. Moxie Card Shop is able to keep overhead costs down and ship to you from the US, saving you time and money. 

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