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Shiny Star V Booster Box (シャイニースターV) [S4A]

Shiny Star V Booster Box (シャイニースターV) [S4A]

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Sealed booster box of the Japanese exclusive Shiny Star V (S4A) (シャイニースターV) set of the Pokemon TCG. 

Shiny Star V booster boxes contain 10 sealed packs.

Shiny Star V boosters contain 10 random cards. The full set contains 330 cards, 140 of which are Secret Rare! Each pack includes a guaranteed V or VMAX Pokemon card.

S4a Shiny Star V Officially Revealed, Shiny Charizard VMAX Revealed |  PokeGuardian | We Bring You the Latest Pokémon TCG News Every Day!

The High Class Pack Shiny Star V was released in Japan on November 20, 2020 and continues the trend established with preceding High Class Packs, featuring a large amount of reprinted cards, with particular focus on Pokémon V and Pokémon VMAX. Several of the Pokémon included in the subset feature artwork previously exclusive to English expansions and various items of merchandise. The subset also includes a large number of Shiny Pokémon, all of which are reprints of cards released during the Sword & Shield Era, have a special embossed Holofoil treatment, and are Secret cards. All regular Shiny Pokémon cards feature different artwork and come in the "S" rarity, while all Shiny Pokémon V utilize their prior Full Art print artwork and come in the "SSR" rarity. Other than Amazing Pokémon, Pokémon V, and Pokémon VMAX cards, all non-secret cards do not have a rarity symbol.

Shiny Star V contains 330 cards, this makes it the largest Japanese set, surpassing the 250 cards included in the GX Ultra Shiny subset. Shiny Star V also has a parallel foil set, featuring a Reverse Halo Holofoil variant for all non-holofoil cards in the main set.

All cards and packaging on this product are in Japanese, not English. 

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