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Scarlet ex Booster Box (スカーレットex) [SV1S]

Scarlet ex Booster Box (スカーレットex) [SV1S]

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Sealed booster box of the Japanese exclusive Scarlet ex (SV1S) (スカーレットex) set of the Pokemon TCG. 

Scarlet ex boosters contain 5 random cards. Scarlet ex Booster Boxes include 30 Scarlet ex boosters.

Each Japanese booster pack contains 5 random cards. The full set contains 78 cards plus 12 AR, 10 SR, 5 SAR and 3 UR cards (Total of 108 cards in the set). 

Curious what cards are in this set? Check out PokeBeach's feature here!

All cards and packaging on this product are in Japanese, not English. 

Boxes and packs are factory sealed and imported from Japan. Moxie's Japanese products are pre-imported and ready to ship from the USA! Save time and money on shipping and import tariffs, we cover that for you in advance. Due to high demand inventory is LIMITED in both the US and Japan. 

For backorders, please read the backorder FAQ! 

For boxes without shrink wrap, please read the Shrink Wrap vs. Unshrinked FAQ!

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