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Incandescent Arcana Booster Box (白熱のアルカナ) [S11A]

Incandescent Arcana Booster Box (白熱のアルカナ) [S11A]

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Sealed booster box of the Japanese exclusive Incandescent Arcana (S11A) (白熱のアルカナ) set of the Pokemon TCG, featuring cards found in the English expansions Crown Zenith and Silver Tempest.

Incandescent Arcana booster boxes contain 20 sealed packs.

Incandescent Arcana booster packs contain 6 random cards. The full set contains 94 cards. Curious what cards are in this set? Learn more about the set on PokeBeach, here!

The theme of Strength Expansion Pack: Incandescent Arcana revolves around beautiful and strong Pokémon, featuring the likes of Alolan Vulpix, Reshiram, and Serperior. Alolan Vulpix is one of the focal Pokémon, supporting the Pokémon V mechanic, as well as the Pokémon VSTAR mechanic—the first unevolved Pokémon to do so. In line with the previous two Strength Expansion Packs, Incandescent Arcana includes another selection of Character Rare Full Art cards and Radiant Pokémon. Common and Uncommon cards once again have Mirror Holofoil variants featuring a Poké Ball pattern. Each booster pack contains six cards, two of which are guaranteed to be Holofoil.

The subset was first released in Japan on September 2, 2022 and was followed by localized releases in Taiwan and Hong Kong on September 16, 2022, in Thailand on September 30, 2022, in South Korea on October 14, 2022, and in Indonesia on October 28, 2022.

All cards and packaging on this product are in Japanese, not English. 

Boxes and packs are factory sealed and imported from Japan. Moxie's Japanese products are pre-imported and ready to ship from the USA! Save time and money on shipping and import tariffs, we cover that for you in advance. Due to high demand inventory is LIMITED in both the US and Japan. 

For backorders, please read the backorder FAQ! 

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