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Trainer Collection Gift Box

Trainer Collection Gift Box

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Hold your favorite Pokémon "Trainer" and "Pokémon" in the palm of your hand and start a new Pokémon card journey! 

This is a semi-randomized special gift box featuring artwork of fan-favorite Pokemon trainers and includes matching art card sleeves, a holofoil promotional card, and 3 booster packs of Nine Colors Gathering and Final Flame Dance!
There are 8 total styles that can be found at RANDOM inside the Trainer Collection Gift Box featuring Bea, Bede, Hop, Klara, Leon, Marnie, Nessa and Raihan! 
  • 1x RANDOM Trainer-themed storage tin
  • 1x RANDOM Trainer-themed art sleeve pack (matches the included tin!)
  • 1x RANDOM holofoil Trainer promo card (matches the tin!)
  • 1x Nine Colors Gathering Friend Booster Pack
  • 1x Nine Colors Gathering Origin Booster Pack
  • 1x Final Flame Dance Booster Pack
This product is in the Simplified Chinese language from the mainland Chinese Pokemon: Trading Card Game.

This product released in China on May 17. Due to shipping & customs between China & the US, arrival may take some time after release. We will post pre-order updates on our Twitter, in our Discord, as well as through our email-list. 

Please note, prices on this item & other TCG releases from Asia may fluctuate daily & we cannot offer adjustments to the sale price. 

For information on pre-orders, please read our pre-order FAQ.
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