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Start Deck 100 (スタートデッキ100)

Start Deck 100 (スタートデッキ100)

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The Start Deck 100 (スタートデッキ100) is a Japanese Pokémon Trading Card Game product that contains one random Standard Deck from a pool of 101 different decks. It was released in Japan on December 17, 2021. 

The Start Deck 100 consists of a collection of 101 different decks (100 standard and one secret) that are packaged at random.

Each deck is identified by a number, as detailed on a separate enclosed card, and focus on between one and three types with at least one Pokémon V. Each numbered deck contains the same cards, most of which comprise cards from the second year of the Sword & Shield Era. Several are new to the product, some are reprints with new artwork, and some are reprints from earlier in the Era that update their regulation mark from 'D' to 'F'.

Some cards also have Non Holofoil and Mirror Holofoil prints, while some are exclusively Non Holofoil or Mirror Holofoil—these prints are fixed to each deck. All of the cards form a numbered set with a collection number of 414, making it the largest single Japanese collection of cards and the largest individual collection number in any language

The secret 101st deck also features a number of Secret cards, including Full Art prints of debut Trainer cards and gold Full Art prints of the Galarian Legendary birds. Each deck also comes with a basic rules QR code card and sheet of damage counters and status markers.

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