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Scarlet ex Booster Pack (スカーレットex) [SV1S]

Scarlet ex Booster Pack (スカーレットex) [SV1S]

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Sealed booster pack of the Japanese exclusive Scarlet ex (SV1S) (スカーレットex) set of the Pokemon TCG. 

Each Japanese booster pack contains 5 random cards. The full set contains 78 cards plus 12 AR, 10 SR, 5 SAR and 3 UR cards (Total of 108 cards in the set). 

Orders of 30 booster packs will be shipped as a booster box! Perfect for collecting or hunting a chase card. 

Curious what cards are in this set? Check out PokeBeach's feature here!

All cards and packaging on this product are in Japanese, not English.  

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