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RUSH DUEL Over Rush Pack Booster Box

RUSH DUEL Over Rush Pack Booster Box

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A new rarity "Overrush Rare" with illustrations that pop out of the frame has appeared for the first time, and is a special pack packed with many new cards and collection elements!

In addition to new cards inspired by characters from the anime "Go Rush!!" and "SEVENS", it also includes "Cyber ​​Dragon", which is popular in OCG, and "Homura", the maximum theme for fire attribute demons. You can build 3 theme decks such as ``Excutie'', which fights mainly with level 6 monsters!

More details:

  • 1 pack: 4 pieces / 1 box: 15 packs
  • 70 cards in the set: [Overrush Rare... 6 types / Ultra Rare... 8 types / Super Rare... 26 types / Normal... 30 types]
  • Release date: 6 November 2022


“Cyber ​​Dragon” becomes a rush duel!

Many related cards appear, including fusion monsters that can be fusion summoned using "Cyber ​​Dragon" as materials!
If you decide to perform a fusion summon with "Power Bond", which appears as a legendary card, you can instantly win with double the attack power!


“Flame Demon” attacks with Maximum Summon!!

“Enma” appears, attacking with a maximum summon! In addition to this, a maximum monster called “Flame Demon Belshidros” and support cards are also included!!

"Excutie" Super cutie!

Monsters with a defense power of 500 at level 6 can be used in a cute way by making full use of special summons!!

There are also cards that strengthen the main characters' decks!

New cards that strengthen decks controlled by characters from the anime “Go Rush!!” and “SEVENS” have also appeared! Other cards than those introduced here will also be included, so please look forward to it!

Two types of “Legend” cards now available!!

Contains 2 types of special legendary cards "Legend Cards" which can only contain up to 1 card each from monsters, magic, and traps to match the deck and extra deck! If you are lucky, it will be included as a secret rare. Also!

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