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RUSH DUEL Over Rush Pack 2 Booster Box [PRE-ORDER]

RUSH DUEL Over Rush Pack 2 Booster Box [PRE-ORDER]

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"The second "Over Rush Pack" includes "Over Rush Rares" with illustrations that jump out of the frame, as well as many new cards and collection elements!

In addition to new cards that strengthen the decks of characters from the anime "Go Rush!!" and "SEVENS", pay attention to the three themes that you can build decks with just this pack!

Many cards from each theme are included, including "Yggdrago" that appeared in the anime, "Magnet Warrior" that is familiar from the OCG and appears with new cards, and the original angel theme "Love"!"

More details:

  • 1 pack: 4 cards / 1 box: 15 packs
  • 82 card types in total [Overrush Rare ... 4 types / Ultra Rare ... 16 types / Super Rare ... 26 types / Normal ... 36 types]
  • Release date: 6 April 2024


Includes "Yggdrago" and other fusion monsters that appeared in the anime "Go Rush!!".
In addition, the maximum monster "Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree Yggdrago" that appeared in the anime "SEVENS" will be making its first appearance as an overrush rare!



Magnet Warrior

Fuse with three types of "Magnetic Warriors" familiar from the OCG! Fight flexibly with tactics that involve fusion and separation!




The theme of the angels of love is "Love". Angels and the Goddess of Love all have an attack power of 0 (Love). High level "Love" have the effect of increasing their attack power, so they attack gently!?♥



There are also cards that will strengthen the main characters' decks!

New cards will also be released to strengthen the decks used by characters from the anime series "Go Rush!!" and "SEVENS"! Here we will pick out cards that will also be included in the Overrush Rare series!



New illustrations and overrush rares available!!

An over-rush rare version of "Black Magician Girl" is also included! What's more, the illustration is a new version that appears for the first time!!



Included in Overrush Rare!!

Introducing a valuable card that is only available in Overrush Rare format!


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