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Pokemon Card Game Classic [JP]

Pokemon Card Game Classic [JP]

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The Japanese Pokemon Card Game Classic special collection! 

Released in October 2023 in Japan and sold only via lottery from the Pokemon Center Japan. The product includes three 60-card decks headlined by Base Set Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise. Each of the decks contains new and reprinted cards with a unique holofoil pattern and numbering.

The box set includes premium gameplay accessories, including a foldable game board, three deck boxes, three sets of card sleeves, metal orbs that take the place of coins, and 3D damage counters that can be stacked.

"Pokemon Card Game Classic is a product jointly developed by design office Nendo, Creatures Inc. and the Pokemon Company with the theme of a universal, endlessly playable Pokemon card game."

From PokeBeach's feature on the Pokemon Card Game Classic set:
  • The game board offers a premium fabric surface that allows cards to easily slide across, non-stitched edges to avoid cards getting caught when playing, a fabric hinge eliminating gaps in the board and built-in magnet to minimize noise during gameplay.
  • The black-and-white color scheme of the game board has been designed to match the toolbox and card sleeves while maintaining a visual focus on the cards and tools.
  • The toolbox contains enough gameplay accessories for two players to battle, including stackable damage counters, three-dimensional Poison and Burn markers and metal orbs that take the place of Pokémon coins.
  • Players will be able to roll metal orbs down a small chute — if the orb lands in a white-bordered hole, it’s treated as heads, and if it lands in a black-bordered hole, it’s treated as tails — removing the need for dice and coins.
  • The toolbox includes a set of damage counters featuring yellow 10-damage counters, orange 50-damage counters and red 100-damage counters.
  • In addition to the bright colors, each damage counter prominently displays the damage count on its side, allowing players to quickly calculate the total damage count.
  • Designed with a conical shape, the damage counters are stackable to maximize visibility of in-play cards and allow for easy storage.
  • Made from aluminum, the damage counters are moderately weighted to prevent falling over when vertically stacked.
  • Three-dimensional, ring-shaped Poison and Burn markers are also included in the toolbox to allow players to easily identify these Special Conditions.
  • Featuring a Poké Ball motif, three kinds of card sleeves are included to protect the three preconstructed decks.
  • Card sleeves have been purposely designed in a black-and-white color scheme to maintain visual focus on the card artwork.
  • Three deck boxes featuring the Grass, Fire and Water Energy symbols match the preconstructed decks and allow for easy storage of sleeved cards when not in use.


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