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One Piece Twin Champions Booster Pack (双璧の覇者 OP06)

One Piece Twin Champions Booster Pack (双璧の覇者 OP06)

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BANDAI ONE PIECE Card Game Twin Champions [OP06] is here!

1x One Piece Twin Champions (OP06) Booster Packs. 
Each booster pack contains 6 One Piece Card Game cards at random.

"Cards with new strategies have also appeared, further expanding the ways you can fight!"

Twin Champions features characters and events from Germa 66, Thriller Bark, and the Fishman Island arc.

Set contents:

  • Leader card: 6 types
  • Common: 45 types
  • Uncommon: 30 types
  • Rare: 26 types
  • Super rare: 10 types
  • Secret rare: 2 types
  • Special cards: 6 types
  • Don!! Card: 1 type
  • 25 Parallel Rares

The One Piece TCG's 6th set released in Japan on November 25th.

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