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One Piece Mighty Enemy Booster Pack (強大な敵 OP03)

One Piece Mighty Enemy Booster Pack (強大な敵 OP03)

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BANDAI ONE PIECE Card Game Pillars of Strength [OP-03] is here!

1x One Piece PIllars of Strength (OP-03) Booster Pack

A super strong lineup to expand your starting deck!

Various illustrations from the "original work", "anime", "newly drawn by illustrator" and more! Includes not only the original work and anime, but also new illustrations by illustrators! Feel the new One Piece! Mixed-color leader cards!

By using mixed-color cards as leader cards, you can build a two-color deck. Mix and match with the Start Deck released on July 8 (Fri.) to create your own dream Pirates deck! Includes parallel cards with different illustrations and specifications! These cards are also valuable as a collection.

Japanese language version.
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