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Mystery Booster Pack - Convention Edition

Mystery Booster Pack - Convention Edition

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Mystery Booster Packs from Minneapolis MagicCon 2023!

Each convention-exclusive Mystery Booster pack will contain fifteen cards: fourteen from the gigantically awesome main set (containing 1,694 reprinted cards with a unique Planeswalker symbol in the lower left of the card), and one Research and Development Playtest card. Please keep in mind that all Playtest cards will have the following warning on them: TEST CARD - Not for Constructed Play.

From MTGRocks: "Mystery Boosters are meant to emulate a Chaos Draft: a format where players draft a bunch of packs from different sets. As such, the card pool for these products is absolutely massive. That said, there are some fantastic hits available within the set, like Mana Crypt, a card so powerful that it got banned from Game Knights."
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