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First Anniversary Exclusive Gift Box

First Anniversary Exclusive Gift Box

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Simplified Chinese Sword & Shield: First Anniversary Exclusive Gift Box set! 

This premium box set was released to commemorate the first anniversary of the Pokemon TCG in mainland China on 28 October 2023. 


  • Friends in Alola Special Illustration card
  • Friends in Galar Special Illustration card
  • 1st Anniversary themed wooden card group storage box 1
  • 1st Anniversary themed wooden card group storage box and cloth bag 1
  • 1st Anniversary themed wooden display photo frame
  • 1st Anniversary themed dice
  • 1st Anniversary Themed Metal Damage Counter Dice x10
  • 1st Anniversary themed Poison & Burn counters x2
  • Shining Together: Pink, Purple, & Teal booster packs, 1 pack each, 3 packs in total
  • Crossing the Sky: Red, Blue, & Green booster pack, 1 pack each, 3 packs in total
  • Dynamax Thunder Flame booster pack, 1 pack each, 2 packs in total
  • Rich Ink and Colorful Indigo Refill Pack, 1 pack each, 2 packs in total



From Pokemon China:

At the same time, we will also launch a "1st Anniversary Exclusive Gift Box", which is full of precious memories from the "Sun & Moon" to "Sword & Shield" series.

The exclusive gift box contains one special illustration flash card for "Partners of Alola" and "Partners of Galar". Looking at these familiar friends, can you still relive the feeling you felt at the beginning?

"Partners of Alola" & "Partners of Galar" Special Illustration Flash Card

We have also prepared special Pokémon cards for trainers to commemorate the first anniversary. Both the design and materials are completely new. They are not to be missed for use in battles or collections.

First Anniversary Themed Wooden Card Set Storage Box & Storage Box Cloth Bag

The gift box contains a brand new wooden card deck storage box, which is made entirely of beech wood. It is exquisitely crafted and sturdy and wear-resistant. It can fully protect your beloved card deck and can also store the first anniversary series of battle peripherals.

※The card storage box is made of solid wood. The texture, gloss, etc. of each storage box are different depending on the wood itself.

The card set storage box also comes with a special storage bag. The first anniversary LOGO, the original partners of the "Sun & Moon" and "Sword & Shield" series, and the Pokémon card energy logo are printed on the dark blue storage bag with hot stamping technology. , this is also the first time that a special cloth bag appears for the card storage box.

First anniversary themed wooden display photo frame

We have also prepared a solid wood card display frame for trainers, which can hold two cards at the same time. Quickly display "Partners of Alola" and "Partners of Galar".

First anniversary themed battle peripherals

We have also carefully designed first-anniversary-themed dice, special status markers, and metal damage indicator dice to enrich trainers’ battle experience.

The dice and poisoned and burned status markers are all made of acrylic, which is lightweight and durable.

The metal damage indicator dice are full of texture. Use it with your deck to compete with your opponents.

The full range of booster packs is here

The exclusive gift box contains all the supplement packs from the "Sun & Moon" series to "Sword & Shield" so far, bringing all the memories of this first anniversary into your bag!

Starting from October 28, the "First Anniversary Exclusive Gift Box" will be available for pre-sale at the official Pokémon Card flagship store, priced at 1,028 yuan. Please stay tuned for the official information on Pokémon cards for the release date and more details.

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