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Pokemon TCG

Japanese Pokemon Boosters!

Moxie Card Shop partners with card shops in Japan to import our inventory of Japanese TCGs! We've built strong relationships across languages, timezones, and the ocean to support a healthy, accessible, and welcoming community.

English Pokemon TCG Boosters!

Pokemon TCG booster boxes, packs, elite trainer boxes, and more

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Korean Pokemon

Korean Pokemon! Korean language Pokemon (포켓몬스터, 'Poketmonseuteo') from South Korea, printed in the Korean language (한글, 'Hangul'). 

Simplified Chinese Pokemon

Simplified Chinese Pokemon! Pokemon (宝可梦, 'bǎo kě mèng') from mainland China printed using Simplified Chinese characters (简体字, 'jiǎntǐzì'). Pokemon first began printing the [S] Chinese TCG in 2022, and the release schedule is totally unique to any other language printing! Moxie's collection of [S] Chinese products includes a ton of exciting and unique exclusives that can't be found anywhere else.

Pokemon Cards & Graded Slabs